Discover the World from Home with our 

Interactive Google Earth Activity

Dive into our user-friendly Google Earth guide and travel to your favorite destinations, uncover various geographic features through an exciting scavenger hunt, and customize your journey with personal markers. It's an educational experience that brings the world to your fingertips, fostering curiosity and connection with our planet's diverse cultures and environments.


zoom into detailed satellite images of places you love or dream of visiting


learn about geographic features from mountains to beaches, all at your own pace


mark and save your favorite spots with personalized notes, making each discovery uniquely yours

Whether you're looking to enhance your geography lessons or spend quality time with loved ones, our Google Earth activity provides an engaging platform to learn, explore, and connect with the world. Click below to start your adventure and see where curiosity takes you!

Exploring Our World with Google Earth.docx

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Map Monkey welcomes outreach opportunities that expand GIS education, helping others understand the importance of maps in our daily lives. We're excited to venture beyond our traditional services and collaborate on initiatives that share our GIS expertise. Whether you're a nonprofit organization, school, or community group looking to integrate mapping technology into your curriculum or outreach efforts, we're here to help. Map Monkey is dedicated to supporting your vision and enhancing geographical education for everyone.

Contact us if you have innovative ideas or want to explore outreach programs together. Let's bridge the gap between technology, education, and the community to create an enriching learning experience for all.