What is GIS?

GIS, or Geographic Information Systems, is a powerful technology that enables us to make sense of our world by analyzing and visualizing spatial data. At its core, GIS is a framework for capturing, storing, manipulating, analyzing, and presenting geographic information.

The Power of GIS


Creating detailed and informative maps that assist in decision-making and data communication.


Uncovering patterns, trends, and relationships in data that may not be apparent in tabular form.


Presenting data in compelling and understandable ways through maps, charts, and graphs.

Problem Solving

Empowering leaders to develop strategies and make informed decisions.

Key Elements of GIS


GIS relies on various forms of geographical data, including maps, satellite imagery, and location-based data collected from sensors and devices. These data sources are the building blocks of GIS.


Specialized GIS software, such as Esri's ArcGIS, QGIS, and others, allows users to perform complex spatial analyses, create maps, and develop geospatial applications.


GIS operations can be facilitated by various hardware components, including GPS devices, remote sensors, and powerful computers for processing data.

Methods & Procedures

A fundamental aspect of GIS is the set of methodologies and procedures used to collect, analyze, and visualize geographical information. From data collection techniques to spatial analysis methodologies, these processes are at the heart of effective GIS implementation.


Skilled GIS professionals play a pivotal role in interpreting data, designing solutions, and implementing GIS applications across various industries.

GIS and Business

In the business world, the integration of GIS has become indispensable. Whether you're a small local business or a multinational corporation, GIS can bring numerous benefits to your operations. By embracing GIS, businesses gain a competitive advantage, streamline their operations, and make data-driven decisions that lead to growth and success.

Informed Decision-Making

GIS provides valuable insights that can drive informed decision-making. By analyzing location data, businesses can identify new market opportunities, optimize supply chains, and choose the best locations for expansion.

Customer Insights

Understanding the geographic distribution of your customers and their preferences can enhance marketing strategies. Targeted advertising and location-based services become more effective with GIS.

Resource Optimization

Efficient allocation of resources is crucial for profitability. GIS aids in optimizing routes, managing assets, and monitoring real-time data for better resource utilization.

Risk Management

GIS is instrumental in assessing risks related to natural disasters, environmental factors, and market conditions. Businesses can develop robust risk mitigation strategies with the insights provided by GIS.

Competitive Edge

Leveraging GIS can set your business apart from competitors. It allows you to offer innovative services, improve customer experiences, and stay ahead in a rapidly changing market.

Meet Joseph Gewin: The Map Monkey

Joseph Gewin, affectionately known as "Joey Maps" or, more fondly, as the "Map Monkey," is more than just a GIS enthusiast; he's a true pioneer in the world of geospatial innovation. With an unwavering passion for mapping and a knack for transforming data into actionable insights, Joseph's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

A Cartographer at Heart

Joseph's journey into the realm of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) began with an insatiable curiosity about maps and geography. He honed his craft at Northwest Missouri State University, where he earned bachelor's degrees in GIS and Geography. Little did he know that this academic pursuit would shape the course of his career and lead him to become a driving force in the GIS industry.

Over 15 Years of Mapping Mastery

For over 15 years, Joseph has been applying his mapping wizardry to help businesses not just thrive but flourish. His impressive career has been nothing short of a maptastic adventure. From a global engineering and contracting company to the largest natural gas distribution utility in Missouri, and a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology giant, Joseph has left his mark as a GIS maestro.

The Data Maestro

Joseph's expertise extends far beyond just mapmaking. He is a data maestro, providing invaluable data models to oil and gas clients, managing geospatial databases, and leading GIS efforts in the realm of crop science. No challenge is too big for him, and he's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and collect field data when necessary.

A Tech Savant

In the world of GIS, adaptability is key. Joseph is well-versed in an array of GIS software, including ArcGIS, Tableau, Spotfire, SalesForce, QGIS, WEBBI, Alteryx, and Microsoft Power BI. He is continually seeking education to stay at the forefront of GIS technology, ensuring that Map Monkey remains a hub of innovation.

The Vision for Map Monkey

As the owner and CEO of Map Monkey, Joseph Gewin's vision is crystal clear: to provide businesses and organizations with the geospatial tools and insights they need to navigate and succeed in an ever-evolving world. His relentless pursuit of excellence and unquenchable curiosity are at the heart of Map Monkey's mission.

Joseph Gewin isn't just the map guy; he's the driving force behind transformative geospatial solutions. With a mind that never stops mapping, a spirit of exploration, and an eye on the horizon, he's charting a course for a future where GIS technology empowers and enhances our world.

Join Joseph and the Map Monkey team on their remarkable GIS journey and discover how they're turning maps into meaningful possibilities.